About us

Enjoy new social ways, learning of each action that we create to improve. As a company, our challenge is to become a partner for you and your goal.


Our philosophy

Listening to the customers, giving them our best advice, being with them from beginning to end is part of our character as individuals and as a company. Technologists, designers, communicators and you with your project, forming a team aligned to achieve success.




Ruben Soler Solé


Always active and ready to listen. Entrepreneur. My job consists on giving the best advice to the client and making them trust in our company.

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Joan Gasulla Hita


Able to understand ideas, concerns and needs and express them into a screen elegantly and accurately.

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Gabriel Moreno


Specialist in Java, Vb.NET, C i C#, Objective C programming languages and Unity , and also, android and iOS app developer.

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Enrique Ruiz


Technical and creative image, which helps communicate the values ​​of your company.

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Welcome to Qbicus

We know that your company, your business, your project is unique and you need a solution tailored to your goals and needs. From qbicus we design applications, e-commerce, websites, technologies tailored to your goals that will provide a genuine experience to your followers.

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